Ultimate Fights

FlixMix made A LOT of noise with their inaugural release Boogeymen: The Killer Compilation. Horror icons Clive Barker, Robert Englund and Gunnar Hansen were squired before wide-eyed fans to tout the disc’s praises at Fangoria’s Weekend of Horrors. Then print, radio and television campaigns boogeyed the frightful news all over the country. Now, it’s round […]

Uncle Sam

In battle, friendly fire is always a tragedy, isn’t it? But what if one such charbroiled chopper pilot happens to be a real son of a bitch? A wife beater, molester and cold-blooded killer? Gore gurus Bill Lustig and Larry Cohen‘s brilliantly blood-soaked meditation on the first Gulf War explores this notion with a Yankee […]


Please see Schlockcast: The Devil’s Rejects

The Underground Comedy Movie

Like the stubborn occupant of some hopelessly clogged commode, this putrid pile of gross-out comedy just won’t flush without a fight. Bleary-eyed CineSchlockers have likely seen late-night ads squawking about its offensive (a.k.a. hi-larious) content. What they fail to mention is this circa 1996 Kentucky Fried knockoff is about as FRESH as it is funny: […]


How this sucker isn’t another Blade affirms sexism still exists among cinema heros. Are we really so unprepared for such take-charge chicks? The uber-delish Kate Beckinsale is a vampiric "death dealer" in the same babeilicious pantheon as Lara Croft: Tomb Raider minus the costume changes, exotic locales and inflated bustline. She two-fists hand cannons in […]


Writer, director, producer Chad Ferrin is a student of exploitation cinema and it shows, as he takes a page directly from the masters: If you can’t make it good, then damn sure make it memorable. There’s so much disgustin’ stuff in Unspeakable (1999, 81 minutes) that not even a 48-hour holiday marathon of It’s A […]

Urban Legends: Final Cut

Roman numerals used to be so hip. Somehow or another, they were supposed to make serial filmmaking seem more sophisticated. "You liked that? Well, here’s Part VIII." These days, sequels are still king, but the Roman Empire has fallen. The antiquated formula has been tossed out in favor of title twists. I Know What You […]

V: The Final Battle

Kenneth Johnson‘s miniseries V was a boffo May Sweeps success for NBC back in ’83. His story of alien invaders was a smartly veiled allegory for the unspeakable tyranny of the Nazi regime and the corrupting influence of power. But when the network clamoured for a longer sequel on a tighter budget and timetable, well, […]

V: The Original Miniseries

Our unleashing of the horrific power of the atomic bomb, joined with our collective jitters that the Commies were around every corner, had dang near everything to do with the crush of alien invader flicks that zapped across screens during the 1950s. Immortal ray-gun classics like The Day the Earth Stood Still, Earth vs. the Flying […]

The Vampire Happening

I just had a look at this zany sex comedy about a bunch of Transylvanian bloodsuckers partying like drunken spring-breakers. It’s kinda like you’d imagine Benny Hill Meets Dracula to be. Only take out Benny, keep the nekkid broads, but have the whole thing done by a bunch of high-larious folks from Germany. What ya […]