What’s New? (Zombie Girl, Pathogen, Dungeon Masters)

At age 12, Emily Hagins of Austin, Texas wrote, directed and edited her first feature, Pathogen, a zombie movie. Zombie Girl: The Movie is a wonderful tag-along documentary of Emily’s two-year odyssey making Pathogen as well as a charming portrait of a mother-daughter relationship many would envy. Zombie Girl is on the festival circuit and […]

What’s New? (Stag, Let the Right One In, The Walking Dead)

Good to know my close, personal friend Tommy Habeeb is still up to Beelzebub’s business. The legendary Cheaters host has cultivated Stag: Last Night of Freedom into a bona fide deep, dark cable hit. Particularly among attention-starved engagement ring gazers willing to wager their booze-addled hubbies-to-be won’t go ape poopie in the face (or nethers) […]

Red Carpet: The Devil’s Rejects

download mp3 (15 mins, 9 mb) Join your representative among the leering press on the blood red carpet at the San Diego Comic-Con premiere of The Devil’s Rejects. Featuring interviews with Wayne Toth, Brian Posehn, Bill Moseley, William Forsythe, Lew Temple, Danny Trejo, Ken Foree, Sid Haig, Sheri Moon Zombie and Leslie Easterbrook.  Hear from […]

Comic-Con 2004: Costumes

Celebrities / Vendors / Costumes / Return to Story Like The Force, Elvis, is all around us. Even in a galaxy far, far away.   Boba and pals apprehend some rebel scum.   Security’s tight at the Lucas pavilion.   You are one ugly …   Original dynamic duo duds!   Forgive me, I’m a […]

Comic-Con 2004: Celebrities

Celebrities / Vendors / Costumes / Return to Story Ladies and gents, we have COREY CONVERGENCE!!! Corey Feldman and Corey Haim tout The Lost Boys special edition.   Seduction Cinema sensation and CineSchlocker muse Julian Wells makes her first convention appearance.   Guess I’m her No. 1 fan, as yours truly is the first to […]

Comic-Con 2004: Vendors

Celebrities / Vendors / Costumes / Return to Story ON YOUR MARKS!!! … GET SET!!! …   … GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Easily the convention’s strangest sight. Believe it or not, this beauty behind glass is in promotion of Species III. Hence the serpentine appendage?   Ah, now SHE looks more familiar. (Notice the black tape over […]

Chiller 2003: Costumes

Celebrities / Costumes / Vendors / Return to Story The Saturday night costume contest is the zenith of any Chiller weekend, especially the Halloween expo. Here diminutive incarnations of Leatherface, Jason and Freddy await their public.   Tragically, moments later, these three inadvertently crossed streams and irradiated a fellow fan garbed in a tragically unhip […]