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Basket Case

What critic Rex Reed howled in revulsion, filmmaker Frank Henenlotter wore as a bloody badge of honor. Rex ravaged Basket Case (1981, 91 minutes) as “the SICKEST movie I’ve ever seen!” Henenlotter knew such righteous indignation was gold to the…..


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Chiller 2003: Vendors

Celebrities / Costumes / Vendors / Return to Story Fans descend on more than 15,000 square feet of vendors of all stripes. Crowds were so large that lines formed to enter each of the two enormous ballrooms.   New York…..

Chiller 2003: Celebrities

Celebrities / Costumes / Vendors / Return to Story The Chiller Theatre Toy, Model and Film Expo celebrates its 13th year pushing up cinematic daisies.   Yours truly with an auteur of many, many different names, including Fred Olen Ray!…..

Chiller 2002: Vendors

Costumes / Celebrities / Vendors / Return to Story The NY City Liquidators booth buzzed all weekend with bootleg, er, cut-rate DVDs being just five dollars!   Dr. Jones needn’t search any farther than Chiller.   Own your own underappreciated…..

Chiller 2002: Celebrities

Costumes / Celebrities / Vendors / Return to Story CineSchlocker fave Michael Berryman swears yours truly is the spitting image of Hills Have Eyes auteur Wes Craven. Whatever you say, big guy.   Seduction Cinema sirens Darian Caine and Ruby…..

Chiller 2002: Costumes

Costumes / Celebrities / Vendors / Return to Story The Saturday night costume contest is the apex of any Chiller extravaganza, especially the Halloween expo. First up, a beer-toting John McClane of Die Hard fame hollers like a banshee.  …..

BatCon 2001

Return to Story Getting your picture made with it was a lot like negotiating with the dancers at Cabaret Royale. It’s free just to stare or have a friend snap your giddy mug along side, $10 to get behind the…..

Reader Feedback 2002 | Page 2

Viva Jack Hill!!! Steven Millan writes: Really enjoyed both your article and interview with the great Jack Hill, a man who is a truly underrated auteur of low budget cult cinema. Now here is a man who has worked hard,…..

Reader Feedback 2003 | Page 2

Va Va Va … HUH!? Kent writes: Hey, this is probably the lamest email you will get today…But a buddy of mine got a reply from you, so I thought I would shamelessly petition for one.Not to be accused of…..

Citizen Toxie Does Dallas

Return to Story Director Lloyd Kaufman and co-star Sgt. Kabukiman NYPD join Tromaville’s beloved super-human hero in celebration of Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger Part IV‘s illustrious Dallas premiere.   The historic Inwood Theatre, witness to more than 50 years…..

Roswell: Day One

Day One / Day Two / Day Three / Bonus / Return to Story Just 500 miles of highway separate yours truly from the adventure that awaits at the eighth annual Roswell UFO Festival.   Not only are extraterrestrials WELCOME…..