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Basket Case

What critic Rex Reed howled in revulsion, filmmaker Frank Henenlotter wore as a bloody badge of honor. Rex ravaged Basket Case (1981, 91 minutes) as “the SICKEST movie I’ve ever seen!” Henenlotter knew such righteous indignation was gold to the…..


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Roswell: Day Two

Day One / Day Two / Day Three / Bonus / Return to Story This sucker came to rest right along HWY 380. Conveniently in front of the original Crash Down Diner.   Wielands Yucca Emporium featured a variety of…..

Roswell: Day Three

Day One / Day Two / Day Three / Bonus / Return to Story My final day in Roswell begins early with the 8th annual Alien Chase. Contestants were outfitted with antenna, alien-themed T-shirts and shorts for the 5K and…..

Roswell: Bonus

Day One / Day Two / Day Three / Bonus / Return to Story Affordable accommodations know no interplanetary boundaries.   Even the Coke machine at the UFO Museum has an alien twist.   Vendors at the Alien Market peddled…..

Blood Feast 2

Return to Story Fuad Ramses III (J.P. Delahoussaye) celebrates the success of a particularly gruesome scene with FX men Joe Castro (right) and Jonathan Thornton (left).   The godfathers of gore Herschell Gordon Lewis (left) and David F. Friedman (right)…..

Texas Chainsaw Road Trip

Return to Story Tim Harden’s website (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: A Look at the Film Locations) has inspired fans to make pilgrimages from all over the world. Yours truly’s began at Bagdad Cemetery on the morning of Saturday, Sept. 20,…..

Jonathan Harris

Never fear, Smith is here! download mp3 (4 mins, 2 mb) On the afternoon of April 28th, 2001, a standing-room-only crowd of more than 100 crammed itself into a Sheraton conference room only meant to seat about 30 comfortably. Yours…..

Lance Henriksen

Actor, potter download mp3 (5 mins, 3 mb) You know him, you love him, he’s CineSchlocker idol Lance Henriksen! Lance spends his off-set hours on another, more hands-on form of artistry, which has wrought some amazing Alien vs. Predator-inspired pieces……

Roger Corman

The King of B’s download mp3 (14 mins, 8 mb) In a schlockmeister-meets-schlockmogul dream come true, yours truly talks shop with CineSchlocker royal Roger Corman (!!!) who recently signed an ever-so-shrewd deal with Mickey’s Buena Vista Home Entertainment to distribute…..

Darian Caine

Ms. Erotic This Or That July 6, 2001 Darian Caine has become the de facto cover girl of Seduction Cinema with a series of spoofs she’s made with director John Bacchus. Coyly titled flicks like Gladiator Eroticvs and Erotic Survivor…..

David Cronenberg

‘Rabid’ Recollections May 10, 2004 In 1976, David Cronenberg was sweating bedroom troubles. Namely whether his producer-picked leading lady, porn siren Marilyn Chambers, could perform outside of one! Turns out she could and his sophomore feature, Rabid, remains an early…..