Bumfights: Cause for Concern

There’s reserved seating in the fiery caldrons of Hades for the purveyors of this video crime against humanity. Then again, The Bum Hunter IS pretty goldang hilarious. Todd Richard Lewis LOOKS and SOUNDS like a certain exuberant crocodile rassler, but in a demented twist, sleeping vagrants are roused from their midnight stupor, bound, gagged and […]

Bullet in the Head

It’s a fact. Had anyone other than John Woo directed Mission: Impossible II, the summer blockbuster would have been 10, count ’em, 10 MINUTES long. Maybe less counting the credits. It’s just his style. If Tom Cruise so much as adjusts his fly, Woo shoots the gesture from 18 camera positions — all in super […]


God bless that scissor-happy siren Catherine Bach! Maybe she wasn’t the FIRST, but she alone is responsible for emblazoning the seductive power of frayed denim cutoffs into our collective conscious. She made the sensuous road to the promised land just that much shorter, that much more tempting. So next time you stroll past a newsstand […]

Bring It On

The early ’70s were a defining time in the cinematic history of cheerleaders. That’s when those perky sirens of the sidelines jiggled onto movie screens in a BIG way. In 1972, Tex Schramm kicked things off when he INVENTED the hot-pants and pompons phenomenon now known the world over as The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. In […]

Bubba Ho-Tep

There really hasn’t been a BIGGER — not to mention WEIRDER — little movie in quite a spell. Most quality genre pictures enjoy modest festival and theatrical runs before blossoming on home video. Flicks such as May, Ginger Snaps and Cube. The same would be true for this bizarro backwoods tale if not for one […]

Britney Baby, One More Time

Equal parts road comedy and drag revue, this almost true story of one fan’s odd-yssey to meet a pop princess is an absolute riot. Robert Stephens (a.k.a. Angel Benton) really did beat out a gaggle of tweens in a Britney Spears sing-off. The leering press really did mistake him for the fabulously female Britney backstage […]

Brimstone & Treacle

Originally a play, then a made-for-TV movie that was banned for a decade before the BBC eventually aired it, curiously after THIS film version hit theaters starring Sting of The Police. It’s the story of a weary English couple whose invalid daughter weighs heavy on their minds and lives until a wily street urchin (Sting) […]

Beyond Re-Animator

Who’d have thunk SPAIN would usher Dr. Herbert West into the new millennium? As if it even matters. They could’ve made this follow-up to Bride of Re-Animator on Mars and it’d still be an IMMENSELY more fruitful venture filled with reverence for Stuart Gordon‘s classick, buoyed by Jeffrey Combs‘ ever-delish deadpan doc and greased with […]

Being Ron Jeremy

John Malkovich or Ron Jeremy? Ron Jeremy or John Malkovich? No question, right? Hedgehog it is! Well, in theory, anyway. Pornstar: The Legend of Ron Jeremy dropped the drawers on what it’s really like to be who, until then, many an adult cinema enthusiast would’ve considered the luckiest man on terra firma. Wasn’t the purtiest […]

Behind the Planet of the Apes

I’m absolutely rabid when it comes to the Planet of the Apes franchise. Plunk me down in front of the big screen and see me drool in sweet abandon while watching any of the films — yes, even Battle for The Planet of the Apes. Come to think of it, I might even go as […]