Basket Case

What critic Rex Reed howled in revulsion, filmmaker Frank Henenlotter wore as a bloody badge of honor. Rex ravaged Basket Case (1981, 91 minutes) as "the SICKEST movie I’ve ever seen!" Henenlotter knew such righteous indignation was gold to the exploiteer as he’d been worshiping at the B-cinemas of New York City’s 42nd Street since […]

Barbarian Queen II: The Empress Strikes Back

Lana Clarkson returns to once again pop her top and endure some light bondage on a rack in this non-sequel sequel. This time she’s Athelia — a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT revolutionary vixen — who falls on hard times when her father’s rule is hijacked by the evil King Ankaris (Alejandro Bracho) and his snotty bitch-in-training daughter […]

Barbarian Queen

Most barbarian flicks are ONLY as good as their damsels in distress, or if you’re REAL lucky, their damsels who INFLICT distress. This Argentina-lensed epic boasts BOTH and sets its tone right off when a blonde waif (Dawn Dunlap), absently picking flowers along a river, is attacked by a pair of, um, barbarians who howl […]