Chiller 2002: Costumes

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The Saturday night costume contest is the apex of any Chiller extravaganza, especially the Halloween expo. First up, a beer-toting John McClane of Die Hard fame hollers like a banshee.


Herbert West Re-Animator lugs around Dr. Hill’s ever-lovin’ noggin.


G.I. Joe geeks who once paw’d the wicked curves of their 3.5-inch Baroness action figures stood gap-jawed by this lifesize incarnation.


He’s big. He’s fruity. He’s Franken Berry! And he’s also the Most Creative Costume winner.


Eek! Thir13en Ghosts is a spook short. Look no further than this Scariest Costume winner!


Hunter S. Thompson and his trusted attorney survey the scene with a measure of Fear and Loathing.


Scrawny Ms. Petty has zilch on this crowd-favorite Tank Girl.


These two managed to Escape from the Planet of the Apes just in time for the expo.


The Invisible Man and his Hunchback sidekick entertain a fluffy pink bunny.


Coincidentally, yes, there IS something strange in my neighborhood!


This priceless example of visual irony occurred when Lucifer casually strolled up next to a lone nazi who’d been nursing a drink in the corner.


Herman and Grandpa Munster were among the esteemed panel of judges.


Blade’s so freakin’ cool that white guys are painting themselves black!


Anyone for a Blood Feast?


Game over!


No, you’re not dreaming. In 2002, the oppression of Jeannie’s navel is a distant memory.


Wonder — Whoa, Man!!!


Barely four-feet tall, this pint-sized trooper hovers close to mama.


This Best Costume winner was inspired by Terry Gilliam’s The Fisher King.


Merely by fishing some cardboard out of the trash and adorning it with Crayola markers, lady-killer El Boxioso wins CineSchlock-O-Rama’s coveted prize for Best Costume Based on a Drug-Induced Hallucination.


All together now — Ouuuuucccchh!!!