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Viva Jack Hill!!!

Steven Millan writes: Really enjoyed both your article and interview with the great Jack Hill, a man who is a truly underrated auteur of low budget cult cinema. Now here is a man who has worked hard, and brought both depth and subtext to the B movie when it needed it the most (in the 70s drive-in period), but never got quite the recognition that he fully deserved, for every one of his films (with the exception of both "The Bees" and "Sorceress", which was badly mangled by that auteur schlockmeister Jim Wynorski) is a certified classic. Not once does any of his films have a scene that is uneven or wrongly conceived, for they all perfectly fit in the films that they were made to entertain the masses (and, boy, did they ever entertain!). It’s too bad that Hill is unfortunately retired today, for he would be most certainly welcomed to come back in, and show a thing or two to the many countless hack filmmakers who think that they wisely have what it takes to make a decent movie (yeah, right!!!), but heavily lack the class, texture, and elegance that Hill put into his films that make them so entertaining that they’re still contemporary with the times of today.

Noel responds: We’re certainly on the same page when it comes to Mr. Hill. What a pro! I’m so pleased you enjoyed the tribute. It’s funny you should mention The Bees, because I recently acquired the movie poster which features a GIANT slobbering bee’s head that dwarfs a woman fleeing in only a bra and panties. Now that’s salesmanship!


The Arena

Mark writes: Loved your Jack Hill interview! I picked up "Coffy" on DVD and was blown away by how crisp and clean the picture was. Not bad for a nearly 30 year old movie! Now, if only they put Pam Grier’s "The Arena" out on disc… Here’s a nominee for your Most Wanted column: Infra-Man. This little gem was available on Prism video and then resurfaced as an EP budget video. I would love to see this one make a comeback and as a fan of schlock films I’m sure you’d get a real hoot out of it ( if you haven’t seen it already, that is ). PS: You gonna review the new "Evil Dead" DVD from Anchor Bay anytime soon?

Noel responds: The planets must be perfectly aligned, because Pam Grier’s Arena (a.k.a. Naked Warriors) hit stores February 19th. Corman sorta remade it recently with Playboy Playmates Karen McDougal and Lisa Dergan to coattail a certain other mainstream hit. Hence, I prefer the Russian title Gladiatrix. Let’s hope your luck extends to Infra-Man, as I’d love to check it out. As for, Evil Dead, well, I surely recognize its greatness, but personally, I’m a bigger fan of Bruce Campbell than I am of his wacky gore trilogy. Blasphemy, I know. But Deadites will surely devour my review of The Convent, which is a brilliant and spectacularly gooey ode to ’80s horror comedies.


Shoot the an-tennie!

J. Grefstad of Auckland, New Zealand writes: I would love a DVD special edition of my favourite sci fi film THEM! Please see if you can get someone to release this great movie SOON!

Noel responds: As soon as I hear something, I’ll spread the word … even to New Zealand! Always good to be reminded that schlock cinema knows no borders.


Hello, Mummy …

Mummy Raider’s Bruce Hallenbeck writes: Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I enjoyed your riotous review of MUMMY RAIDER. Thanks for giving me the credit (or the blame) for it being my "vision," but it was really Michael Beckerman’s vision more than mine–I was just the hired gun who wrote the script. And, of course, the actor in the really bad pith helmet. For a fuller look at my "vision," check out EI movies such as VAMPYRE, FANGS, THE WITCHES OF SAPPHO SALON and THE EROTIC CASE OF JEKYLL AND HYDE, and Brimstone’s BLOOD OF THE WEREWOLF.

Noel responds: Don’t sell yourself short there, buddy! Anyone who’d scribe dialogue like "What’s the matter? Never been kissed by a NAZI before?!" deserves every accolade I’m able to chicken peck into my word processor. Great to know you dug the review and be careful you don’t further ding that pith helmet or heir Beckerman might actually have to replace it.


Breasts, breasts and breasts

Craig writes: How about a section for the actress whose performance, look, attitude, or attire inspires the most impure thoughts amongst your loyal readers? After all, I too am a loyal follower of the Joe Bob Briggs’ gospel of blood, breasts, and beasts. Especially breasts. Sigh.

Noel responds: So let me get this right. You want a CineSchlock-O-Rama centerfold!? Sans staples, of course. I think you’re on to something. But the ladies and fellas of alternate persuasion among my readership MIGHT suggest we widen the scope a bit. Are you seriously prepared to risk an Andrew Stevens pictorial WITHOUT the distractive benefit of Shannon Tweed’s melon-heavy bosom? Regardless, your proposal demands further and painstaking research.


L.A. go boom-boom

Phil Marlowe writes: Have you heard whether the excellent cult flick "Miracle Mile" will be released on DVD? Though the breast count was zero (Hey, the choices were Mare Winningham and Lindsy Crosby, so we didn’t miss much if you know what I mean,and I think you do) and heads do not roll, it was a pretty twisted little flick that generated real suspense untill the very good ending, not to mention the added attraction of Anthony Edwards when he still had hair, or was in his toupee’ stage, I can never tell which. Love the column, keep it up.

Noel responds: There ain’t much of a market for Cold War/Doomsday/Romance pictures starring a guy who isn’t a doctor, but plays one on TV. Sounds like there should be, though. I believe HBO Home Video was its last distributor. You might quiz them about it. But those yahoos only released the R-rated version of Gia on DVD. Grrrrr!


Ghoulish quest

Charlie Coates writes: Hey! First off, I’m a fan of your site, keep up the good work! I’ve got a problem: I ran out of great horror movies to watch! I want something that will really scare the hell out of me, with suspense and gore to boot. I thought you’d be the one to ask. Ive seen the classic Dario Argento Films, Chainsaw Massacares, John Carpenter’s, classic Night of the Living Dead movies, and the classic of classics: Dead Alive. Those dont include other mainstream horror flicks. Ive searched the net for top ten lists, and recommendations, but found nothing! What are your recommendations for over the top gory scare fests? Thanks for your time!

Noel responds: Now there’s a tall order. Getting "scary" and "gory" working in unison is tough, so I’m just going to rattle off some personal faves and maybe one or two will be useful to you. His work is all giggles and no screams, but Herschell Gordon Lewis REMAINS the Godfather of Gore and Two Thousand Maniacs is his crowning achievement (Blood Feast being the epicenter of gore cinema). Basket Case follows those bloody footprints with laughs AND genuine suspense. Other modern gore-comedies include Return of the Living Dead 3, Bride of Chucky and, most recently, Bones. If you’re a fan of Chainsaw, check out The Funhouse, an under-appreciated Tobe Hooper flick. Both Cronenberg’s The Fly and its slimy sequel work good shocks into the grue. Even the R-rated cut of Cherry Falls splatters everywhere it should. Another classic you didn’t mention is Clive Barker’s immortal Hellraiser (and I even like the interplanetary sequel). Everyone is effected differently by fright flicks, though. I actually BELIEVE in demons so The Exorcist scares the bejesus outta me. Same goes for Communion. When Chris Walken says "Is that someone there" and that alien peers from behind the wardrobe. Ahhhhh! Gives me the willies just thinking about it! No matter how PHONY that skinny grey looks. And finally, it skirts the horror genre, but no other film has effected me PHYSICALLY to the extent of I Spit On Your Grave. Yep, the bathtub castration! Great, now THAT’S going to haunt me for the rest of the day. Good luck on your demented little quest.


Kind words

Paul Guyot writes: Hey, there. I’m BoatDrinks when it comes to DVD Talk, and I just wanted to fire off a quick e-mail telling you that I’ve been reading your interviews/etc on the site and think you’re doing a great job. Really nice work. Keep it up!

Noel responds: Quick emails rule! Glad I’ve been able to lure you out of the forums and down the path of iniquity. Stay tuned because the plan is to lower the bar even further in 2002!


Terror Firmer is garbage!!!

Richard Deming writes: Did you make Terror Firmer #1 just to get attention? Well it worked. I was so embarrassed that I had bought Terror Firmer that I threw it out. First time for everything. I mean I didn’t want the garbage man to know I had this crap so I hid it under some stuff. I’d rather get caught watching three ugly women, a blind midget and some infested farm animals getting it on than getting caught watching this garbage. … It’s kind of like — let’s try to come up with something sick/dumb fail at that but still put out a movie anyway. … This is not some some wink and a nod kind of movie laughing at itself … this movie has nothing to wink and nod about — other than selling this junk to us. I just think that with the numbers of titles out there and the 300+ titles I purchased in 2001 – this made last place. Now, I don’t know how you define Schlock — seems just to be another word for "camp." I also liked the reader’s choice. Did you post the complete results? — because I would be interested in seeing them. Each to his own. It is just disappointing that you choose to give this crap attention when other films are much more worthy. I feel sorry for the folks that are going out to purchase this garbage on your recommendation. What about the Bad Taste DVD? Or are you anti-Anchor Bay? Matter of fact, I don’t see too many Anchor Bay titles that you have reviewed. It that because you don’t get freebies from them? Happy New Year!

Noel responds: Your reaction to this flick isn’t surprising. In fact, it’s pretty dang NORMAL! Somehow I just got wired to enjoy a good gutter waller now and again. Terror Firmer scratches my itch. That’s all. But regardless of the MOVIE’s merits, the 2-disc set far exceeds — in both content and quality — any other B-title I encountered last year (and all but a few mainstream DVDs). As for being, gulp, "anti-Anchor Bay" I’ll kindly point to Maximum Overdrive right there on that same list.


Ginger Thanks!

James Stone writes: I just wanted to extend a hearty, heartfelt thanks for making me want to see the marvelousGINGER SNAPS. I was only vaguely aware of this titleand most certainly wouldn’t have rented or purchasedit before reading the review. But, wow, am I glad thatI started subscribing to the CineSchlock-O-Ramanewsletter! Because of the extras cited in yourreview, I sought out the Canadian DVD and savedwatching it until my brother came home for Christmas.After screening five mediocre movies that week, weended our fest with GINGER SNAPS and were both totallyentranced. I’ve seen A LOT of movies in my life, butthis one grabbed me like few others.I’m sure it’s corny to write a ‘Thank You’ note for amovie review, but I couldn’t care less. Thank You forrecommending GINGER SNAPS!

Noel responds: Corny? Not at all! I really appreciate your taking time to tell me y’all enjoyed the flick. And I know exactly what you mean by "entranced." Mike Shields’ score STILL wafts fondly through my brain. That and various impure thoughts about Ms. Isabelle. But, seriously, I’d love it if TVA had added an isolated score to their already stellar presentation. Stay dialed in to the column and I’ll do my best to keep you abreast to other worthwhile cinematic diversions.


We all scream for Ice Cream

Scott J. writes: Hi, Noel. I have a question for you. Image posted on their site today something about a DVD release for a film called "Mr. Ice Cream Man." I can’t find a film at the IMDB with that title, so I was wondering if you could please tell me if that is the same film as the 1995 film "Ice Cream Man." The only description of MICM given at Image is "A young brother and sister find out their father is the sick and twisted Ice Cream Man." I’ve never seen ICM (but would love to), so I don’t know if that summary fits in with ICM or not. Any info you can give me would be great.

Noel responds: Now my heart just skipped a beat because Clint Howard’s Ice Cream Man is HIGH on my Most Wanted list. Trouble is the description is all wrong and seeing Spectrum as the distributor also makes me suspect we’re getting our hopes up too quickly. Guess we’ll know soon since it streets next month! Thanks for the heads up.