Fringe cinema weirdness!


Lloyd Kaufman

Greetings from Tromaville March 2, 2001 Lloyd Kaufman, the 30-year veteran of 10-cent movies and gentleman scholar, talks Troma in this exclusive interview. OK, so it’s not that exclusive considering he’s THE most accessible studio boss on the planet —…..

Misty Mundae

January 18, 2001 Misty Mundae may look like the doe-eyed flower child next door, yet she’s just as at ease donning sinfully-snug fetishware and kicking Nazi keister in her double-barrel spoof of video vixen Lara Croft. Maybe more so! Sleaze…..

Herschell Gordon Lewis

The Godfather of Gore April 27, 2001 Part of what makes Herschell Gordon Lewis so fascinating is that he’s really two people. Fans and detractors alike describe him as The Godfather of Gore due to his gruesome exploits as a…..

Austin Pendleton

Little fish, Big fish November 4, 2003 Chances are you know Austin Pendleton even if you think you don’t. The bespectacled character actor’s slight frame, toothy grin and nervous stammer have endeared him as a film and television fixture for…..

Sam Sherman

Secrets of B-Moviemaking April 29, 2001 Sam Sherman was the close friend and collaborator of genre filmmaker Al Adamson for more than 25 years. Together they brought many outrageous B-pictures to the screen like Satan’s Sadists, I Spit On Your…..

Andy Sidaris

Also see The Films of Andy Sidaris Bullets, Bombs and Babes October 25, 2002 "The family who does explosions together — stays together!" So proclaims famed breast auteur and CineSchlocker idol Andy Sidaris, who with wife, Arlene, and son, Drew,…..

Rob Zombie

The Corpse Keeper August 19, 2003 Through three studios in as many years, rockin’ Rob Zombie weathered his own hellacious "Project Red Light" before creating a box office love connection for Lions Gate with House of 1000 Corpses. Now that…..