Fringe cinema weirdness!


Red Carpet: The Devil’s Rejects

download mp3 (15 mins, 9 mb) Join your representative among the leering press on the blood red carpet at the San Diego Comic-Con premiere of The Devil’s Rejects. Featuring interviews with Wayne Toth, Brian Posehn, Bill Moseley, William Forsythe, Lew…..

Jonathan Harris

Never fear, Smith is here! download mp3 (4 mins, 2 mb) On the afternoon of April 28th, 2001, a standing-room-only crowd of more than 100 crammed itself into a Sheraton conference room only meant to seat about 30 comfortably. Yours…..

Lance Henriksen

Actor, potter download mp3 (5 mins, 3 mb) You know him, you love him, he’s CineSchlocker idol Lance Henriksen! Lance spends his off-set hours on another, more hands-on form of artistry, which has wrought some amazing Alien vs. Predator-inspired pieces……

Roger Corman

The King of B’s download mp3 (14 mins, 8 mb) In a schlockmeister-meets-schlockmogul dream come true, yours truly talks shop with CineSchlocker royal Roger Corman (!!!) who recently signed an ever-so-shrewd deal with Mickey’s Buena Vista Home Entertainment to distribute…..

Darian Caine

Ms. Erotic This Or That July 6, 2001 Darian Caine has become the de facto cover girl of Seduction Cinema with a series of spoofs she’s made with director John Bacchus. Coyly titled flicks like Gladiator Eroticvs and Erotic Survivor…..

David Cronenberg

‘Rabid’ Recollections May 10, 2004 In 1976, David Cronenberg was sweating bedroom troubles. Namely whether his producer-picked leading lady, porn siren Marilyn Chambers, could perform outside of one! Turns out she could and his sophomore feature, Rabid, remains an early…..

Dog the Bounty Hunter

This Dog will hunt! January 31, 2005 CineSchlockers choose their heroes carefully and no doubt many have latched onto A&E phenom Duane "Dog" Chapman whose Dog the Bounty Hunter reality series has single-handedly captured the network’s highest ratings yet. The…..

R. Lee Ermey

The Rat Stuff March 21, 2003 STOW YOUR GEAR AND TAKE A KNEE YOU SORRY SACKS OF GRAB-ASSTIC CIVILIAN PUKE!!! CineSchlocker idol R. Lee Ermey goes man-o y rat-o in an ambitious remake of the critter revenge classic Willard! In…..

Jack Hill

Accidental Exploiteer February 15, 2002 Legendary exploitation filmmaker Jack Hill is no schlockmeister. His movies defy expectation by exhibiting true artistry amid unique, salacious and often shocking action tales. Attributes which have elevated his ’70s-era films to cult classic status…..

Clint Howard

The Ice Cream King November 29, 2004 Clint Howard has been in front of a camera since before he can even remember. To lifelong fans of The Andy Griffith Show, such as yours truly, he’s little Leon — the cap-pistol…..