Fringe cinema weirdness!


Witchbabe: The Erotic Witch Project III

Seduction Cinema explores the salacious origin of its Erotic Witch in this prequel to their 1999 breakthrough hit spoof. Ultra-scrumptious Laurie Wallace, who played Katie in the original, returns as Diane the sexually frustrated wife of Bacchusville’s closet-case mayor (John…..

Womb Raider

Intriguing new players have arrived to challenge Seduction Cinema’s sexploitation throne with this uncomfortably titled, yet wildly ambitious and salaciously wry spoof. In fact, writer/director Randolph Scott and pals’ burgeoning mastery of exotic locales and collective gift of gawk have…..

The Wizard of Gore

Also see H.G. Lewis Goreography This tedious, but gorrific entry is more for devoted H.G. Lewis fans than the curious viewer. Montag the Magnificent (Ray Sager) may be the WORST magician ever. But he’s one helluva hypnotist. Montag rolls out the…..

The Young Nurses

Please see Nursing 101

Year of the Yahoo!

Also see H.G. Lewis Goreography Of all his features that’ve gone MIA after release, this is the one that Herschell Gordon Lewis mourned most, yet as is their way, Something Weird Video has managed to ferret out this gently worn print……

They Live

Rassler turned action hero Rowdy Roddy Piper stars in John Carpenter‘s sneaky sci-fi indictment of “unrestrained capitalism” during the Reaganomics era. It’s amid this ’80s backdrop that John Nada (Piper) rides the rails to Los Angeles looking for work and…..