Fringe cinema weirdness!


Basket Case

What critic Rex Reed howled in revulsion, filmmaker Frank Henenlotter wore as a bloody badge of honor. Rex ravaged Basket Case (1981, 91 minutes) as “the SICKEST movie I’ve ever seen!” Henenlotter knew such righteous indignation was gold to the…..

24: Season Two

Remember the first time you saw scream siren Linnea Quigley dance nekkid atop a tombstone? Awe inspiring, right? How about the next time when she did that immortal Virgin Dance of the Double Chainsaws? Pretty goldang memorable too! Well, to…..

28 Days Later

Great movie. Lousy ending. How the latter doesn’t negate the former is a tribute to the other 95 percent of the flick. Yet what its writer and director saw as a liability, namely the film’s ferocity and driving doomsday demeanor,…..

The 4th Floor

Also see Interview: Austin Pendleton Who knew a guy who works with the Farrelly brothers could make such an engaging horror thriller? Writer/director Josh Klausner was most recently second unit director on Me, Myself & Irene, and considers the gross-out…..

Across 110th Street

I-Talian mafia goons bloody the streets of Harlem in pursuit of three machine-gun toting hoods who rat-a-tat-tat a gaggle of good fellas and scat with a sizable score. Sorting through the perforated bodies is Anthony Quinn a dino-cop nearing extinction…..

The Abominable Dr. Phibes

It’s hard to believe Vincent Price was really from St. Louis. Heck, who even knew he was from this PLANET? An actor of unequaled screen presence, he was the sinister sophisticate of scores of B-pictures during the ’50s and ’60s……

Airwolf: Season One

Also see Schlockcast: Lost in Space If not for his demons, CineSchlocker idol Jan-Michael Vincent‘s star might’ve continued to shine as brightly as when he made The Winds of War and soon thereafter Airwolf (1984). The testosterone-packed franchise debuted following…..

Alien Apocalypse

Please see Schlockcast: The Seduction of Misty Mundae

Alien Files

Agent Mulder of "The X-Files" has only one real passion — other than chasing little green fellas — and that’s his unquenchable thirst for porno. Mulder’s video library likely runs a little raunchier, but there’s a Skinemax flick causing quite…..

All the Love You Cannes!

What begins earnestly as "an indie’s guide to the Cannes Film Festival" violently swerves head-on into a Croisette staging of the theatre d’absurde — an apt thumbnail of most Troma productions, actually, barring the glam locale. CineSchlocker icon Lloyd Kaufman…..