Crocodile Inside word is that tremendous labor woes nearly deep-sixed this entry. It’s also far from the quality we’ve grown to expect from horror royal Tobe Hooper.

College students head out to the lake to party like jungle animals over spring break. They gather around the camp fire to guzzle booze, grope each other and listen to a tale about an Egyptian croc who gobbled the guests of a creepy hotel overlooking the water. Meanwhile, redneck fishermen stagger upon and decide to smash a bunch of HUGE eggs while saying stuff like "C@#%sucking animal rights!!! Hippie bulls@#%!!!" This foolish act assures their removal from the planet by "Flat Dog" who springs from the depths to exact her toothy vengeance. Next stop: Snacks o’ plenty at the kiddos’ barge!

CineSchlockers will get a kick out of writer/actor Adam Gierasch who apes Clint Howard (really well) as an inbred gator enthusiast. And our love-challenged hero Brady, Mark McLaughlan, has a hilarious upcoming role as a cop on the heels of Fuad Ramses III in Blood Feast 2.

No breasts. 10 corpses. Supersoaking. Mooning. Puking. Croc cam. Not ALL the girls have gone wild on spring break, "I’d rather suck on a trout!"