Ernest Goes to Camp

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Ernest Goes to CampAs Kamp Kikakee’s less than handy handyman, Ernest strives to elevate himself above his station. His dream? To shape and mold young minds as an honest to goodness camp counselor. But as is his unfortunate way, he’s a bit too busy finding new ways to do himself bodily harm. Then one day Ernest’s sent to the Midstate Boys Detention Center to pick up six surly youngsters for whom it’s thought some fresh air will do some good. But once they land their first counselor in the medical tent, well, it’s up to good ol’ Ernest to set ’em on the right path. This is hampered about a third of the way in when a strip-mining outfit coyly called Krader Industries decides it’d be neat to level the camp in search of minerals. Trouble is, these are the last remaining lands of Chief St. Cloud (Iron Eyes Cody) and his forefathers, so Mr. Worrell and the kiddos must repeal the bulldozing invaders. CineSchlockers will spot gridiron tough and B-regular Lyle Alzado as the Krader henchman who really clobbers our hero good in the final reel.

Notables: Seven YouKnowWhutIMean?s. Eight pratfalls. Tribal dancing. Lunch tray to the brainpan. Deadly weapon flinging. Finger slamming. Mess hall brawl. Puking. Badger attack. Multiple explosions. Box turtle clamped to the nose. Ladder pogo sticking.

Quotables: Ernest talks tough before enduring a vaccination, "Real men can take it and I’m a real man! A man with a hearty smile! A stout back with grit in his teeth and nails in his knuckles! A man who’s never tasted quiche! [Sees huge hypodermic.] Is that the SMALLEST needle?! [Gets stuck.] I DID IT! I TOOK THE LINBURGH BABY! I AM JOSEF MENGELE!!! AHHH-OOHHH!!!"

Time codes: Continuing gag of runaway golf cart begins (3:34). Cracked cooks in search of the illusive Eggs Erroneous (17:08). Mean, nasty strip-miners eye Kamp Kikakee (26:24). ERNEST SINGS!!! (1:05:06). Death rains from the heavens (1:17:00).