Roger Corman

The King of B’s

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In a schlockmeister-meets-schlockmogul dream come true, yours truly talks shop with CineSchlocker royal Roger Corman (!!!) who recently signed an ever-so-shrewd deal with Mickey’s Buena Vista Home Entertainment to distribute his historic catalog of more than 400 flicks. In this exclusive interview, discover why the move was key, get schooled by The King of Bs on the economics of successful sequels, ponder the rebirth of creature features and more!

First of the title tidal wave to hit shelves are truly special editions of Death Race 2000, Rock ‘n’ Roll High School and Big Bad Mama. Plus, proving how with-it Roger’s Disney deal is — just imagine eyeballing Death Race or Rock ‘n’ Roll High on your PSP!?! Oh, and let us not forget the digital debut of Roger’s latest critter run amok — DinoCroc — who Corman winkingly wonders might be kin to Carnosaur.