Schlockcast: Seed of Chucky

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An uneasy aspect of podcast technology is that y’all can hear me gush about Jennifer Tilly’s terrific turn in Seed of Chucky (3.5 stars) instead of my merely chicken-pecking effusive prose. Try not to think less of me as that much heaving cleavage over an 86-minute running time — compounded by oodles of grue and gut guffaws — would surely fell any CineSchlocker. Instead, fixate on Ms. Tilly her-salivatory-self thanks to yours truly’s secret stash of audio from Comic-Con.

Stay for the duration (I dare ya!) and …

Discover the unseemly side of Tobe Hooper’s Toolbox Murders (3.5 stars), ahem, retool. (Pssst! Stick with the orginal!) B-babe Glori-Anne Gilbert tackles dual roles in Lust Connection featuring Triple-X siren Chasey Lain. Columbine begets Duck! The Carbine High Massacre.

Think the genre needs another slasher spoof? The earnest folk behind Severe Injuries do. Super-Tromette "Bulimia" (a.k.a. Tiffany Shepis) returns for Troma’s EDGE TV Volume 2. Plus, at last, a musical for slapstick-savoring kung fu fans arrives in the hobbit-approved Tongan Ninja.