Schlockcast: Skinned Deep

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In Skinned Deep (4.5 stars), first-time director Gabe Bartalos crafts a surrealist slasher that’s both unique and deceptively familiar. In this schlockcast, yours truly futilely fumbles to adequately describe Gabe’s bizarro tale — one populated by a plate-flinging midget, a lovelorn mutant, a geriatric biker gang and a bunch of other freakified stuff CineSchlockers won’t believe. It’s destine to take a big ol’ bear-trap bite out of the year’s Best of Schlock!

Think Dracula 3000 was a Dracula 2000 sequel? Silly, blood bunny. The neck-noshing franchise actually ends (or does it?) with the anemic return of Jason Scott Lee’s holy hiney kicker in Dracula III: Legacy (2 stars). Lee Bennett Sobel recruits familiar faces — and bods — for his jiggle ‘n’ giggle opuses Hotties and Hotties 2: The Hot, The Bad and The Ugly (2.5 stars).

Plus, hear an exclusive clip from Make Love! The Bruce Campbell Way — a six-disc audio version of the New York Times best-seller by everyone’s favorite genre superstar turned author.