Schlockcast: The Fly & The Fly II

download mp3 (27 mins, 16 mb)

CineSchlockers fussed. Even fumed. Now, there’s real reason to buzz. After five long years, Fox finally revisits their double-feature release of The Fly with a double-disc reissue that delves deep into the plasma pool of bonus features. In this schlockcast, yours truly nearly snaps an arm rifling through oodles of extras — including the infamous monkey-cat scene!!!

However, is the nearly THREE HOUR Fear of the Flesh documentary too much of a good thing? Maybe. But it’s the only time you’ll ever see an antenna’d David Cronenberg flitting around set in paste-on wings!

As if the gore gods weren’t generous enough, The Fly II also gets its double-disc due, which is sweet vindication for we CineSchlockers who’ve long salivated over Chris Walas’ underappreciated and gloriously grue-slathered sequel.