Carmen Electra’s Aerobic Striptease

Finally! The perfect gift for that special someone that not only says "Get off your ass!" but "SHAKE IT!!!" Fitness sleaze charts new titillating territory in this 5-disc, state-of-the-art guide that promises both renewed boom-boom in the bedroom and shapelier hips, hineys and everything else the good Lord give ya. But let Ms. Electra explain, […]

Cabin Fever

One of 2003’s biggest cinematic horror stories was a Tale of Two Fanboys. Each obsessed with genre pictures from a tender age. Each with Quentin Tarrantino‘s encyclopedic enthusiasm. Each with an eye for the gratuitous in all its forms. Each clawing desperately through the Hollywood system to get their gleeful throwbacks to the screen. But […]

Carnosaur 2

Also see Tale of the Teeth Roughly two months after the bloody finale of Carno Uno, something just happens to go terribly wrong at a high-security underground storage facility — OK, well, everyone’s turned into hamburger. A team of commandos sent to scope out the scene come face-to-snout with ALIENS, er, RAPTORS!!! A protracted game […]

Children of the Corn

Kids are scary. Steven King knows that. His SHORT story about some kiddos who find religion and decide adults need to die just proves how twisted Mr. Sunshine can be. But who knew Children of the Corn (1984, 92 minutes) would sprout into one of the more prolific horror franchises around? Almost 10 years later, […]


Also see Tale of the Teeth One way the little guys sponge off the big fellas is to catch wind of a gimmick and beat them to the screen with it. In a move that clearly illustrates why he’s the reigning King of Bs, Roger Corman did exactly that by rushing his own dino fest […]

Creepshow 2

It took five years to get around to Creepshow 2 (1987, 89 minutes). The original flick was George Romero and Steven King‘s zippy tribute to the wild and wooly world of EC Comics and a who’s who of both horror and Hollywood. While its sequel was an apparent victim of downsizing. Just three short films […]

Cooking with Porn Stars for the Holidays

Spastic cable-access host Colin Malone‘s half-baked cooking show returns with even less on its plate. Where vodka fueled the original’s antics, this Christmas edition, denoted by Colin donning a Santa chapeaux, relies on reefer as the primary ingredient in its limp recipe for hilarity. Nakita Ka$h and Calli Cox paw one another whilst whipping up […]