Tale of the Teeth

3.5 stars / 1993
Carnosaur 2
2 stars / 1994
Carnosaur 3
1 star / 1996

Advertising tag line

Driven to extinction. Back for revenge. Extinction is a thing of the past. Terror will never be extinct.

Ultimate method of extinction

Gutted by bulldozer.

Gutted by bulldozer and shoved down elevator shaft.

Plastic explosives down the gullet.

Hero utters this wisecrack with the final kill

"I hate wildlife!!!" "Eat this Barney!!!" "I’ll take my chances with the barbecue!"

What does Dinovision look like?

Night-vision green Image stretched vertically High-contrast negative image

Hot broad you won’t get to see nekkid

Jennifer Runyon of "A Very Brady Christmas"

Arabella Holzbog

Janet Gunn of "Silk Stockings"

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