What’s New? (Zombie Girl, Pathogen, Dungeon Masters)

At age 12, Emily Hagins of Austin, Texas wrote, directed and edited her first feature, Pathogen, a zombie movie. Zombie Girl: The Movie is a wonderful tag-along documentary of Emily’s two-year odyssey making Pathogen as well as a charming portrait of a mother-daughter relationship many would envy. Zombie Girl is on the festival circuit and due on DVD soon. Professionally mastered DVDs of Emily’s film (complete with commentaries and bloopers) are available for the bargain price of just $8 at Pathogen earned the 2009 Texas Frightmare Weekend Audience Award and there’s zero doubt CineSchlockers will agree! Emily’s next feature, The Retelling, is nearly complete. It’s a ghost story.

Also at festivals is The Dungeon Masters, a warts and all, but mostly wart’d look at three "Dungeons & Dragons" role players whose passion for the worlds they create vibrate between triumphant and tragic. Elizabeth Reesman is the standout if only for her proclivity for donning Spock ears, a platinum mane and slathering every visible inch of her flesh with black grease paint. Think Mazes and Monsters meets Crumb.