What’s New? (Drag Me to Hell, Martyrs, Burrowers)

As if proof were needed, Drag Me To Hell reaffirms Sam Raimi‘s mastery of all that is evil and dead. Especially the ooey gooey bits. Wormy maggot puke. Geriatric denture slobber. Projectile nosebleeds. Lorna Raver outshines Jason, Michael AND Freddy as a boogeygranny with an evil eye and a can-do attitude. Alison Lohman is the […]

What’s New? (Zombie Girl, Pathogen, Dungeon Masters)

At age 12, Emily Hagins of Austin, Texas wrote, directed and edited her first feature, Pathogen, a zombie movie. Zombie Girl: The Movie is a wonderful tag-along documentary of Emily’s two-year odyssey making Pathogen as well as a charming portrait of a mother-daughter relationship many would envy. Zombie Girl is on the festival circuit and […]

What’s New? (Stag, Let the Right One In, The Walking Dead)

Good to know my close, personal friend Tommy Habeeb is still up to Beelzebub’s business. The legendary Cheaters host has cultivated Stag: Last Night of Freedom into a bona fide deep, dark cable hit. Particularly among attention-starved engagement ring gazers willing to wager their booze-addled hubbies-to-be won’t go ape poopie in the face (or nethers) […]

What’s New? (Friday the 13th, My Bloody Valentine 3D, Cold Prey)

Three flicks — all featuring homicidal maniacs with an unnatural affinity for really, really pointy things. Ah, Freud would be amused. Friday the 13th is BACK in multiplexes this weekend, which come to think of it, isn’t all that surprising considering The Big Guy returned for his ninth sequel IN SPACE and an overly ballyhoo’d […]