Across 110th Street

Across 110th StreetI-Talian mafia goons bloody the streets of Harlem in pursuit of three machine-gun toting hoods who rat-a-tat-tat a gaggle of good fellas and scat with a sizable score.

Sorting through the perforated bodies is Anthony Quinn a dino-cop nearing extinction and Yaphet Kotto the college-educated, by-the-book thorn in the elder lawman’s hiney. Their police work philosophies drastically differ as one harps about "due process" while the other champions the mighty "right cross." Among the hunted hoods is blaxpolitation stalwart Antonio "Huggy Bear" Fargas who indiscreetly blows his ill-gotten booty on booze and Harlem’s ladies of negotiable virtue. But at least he got to USE his boys one last time before LOSING them. The title track by Bobby Womack may actually be better than the flick itself.

Two breasts. 21 corpses. Laundry-press interrogation. Puking. Firesuit stunts. Aging Cap’n Mattelli croaks, "What do we do now because we’re 55?! Eat s@#%!?!"