A Thief in the Night

My first exposure to exploitation cinema was actually in CHURCH of all places and with THIS highly memorable flick. In the same way blaxploitation pictures are made primarily by and for black audiences, a whole genre of religious-themed pictures are produced by and marketed to Christian viewers, as most find the content of secular movies […]

A Night to Dismember

Inspiration and desperation are uneasy kin. Filmmaker Doris Wishman knows firsthand. This grand lady of trash cinema made sleaze classics like Nude on the Moon, Bad Girls Go to Hell and Deadly Weapons (featuring the 73-inch breasts of Chesty Morgan), but she was thrown for an even more humongous curve in the late ’70s when […]

A Date with Anna Kournikova

No frisky little horndogs, your dreams haven’t come to fruition despite the title’s implication. What’s delivered is about a half-hour of tedious behind-the-scenes footage from Anna Kournikova‘s south-of-the-border calendar shoot showcasing outfits that remain crushingly chaste no matter how artfully the tennis tart’s ever-greased tum-tum is brandished. June 2003’s cowgirl getup, which also graces the […]

A Bucket of Blood

In his book, "How I Made a Hundred Movies in Hollywood and Never Lost a Dime," Roger Corman says that, as near as he can tell, he created a new genre in the ’50s. The black-comedy horror film. In fact, he made a trilogy: A Bucket of Blood (1959, 66 minutes), The Little Shop of […]

Airwolf: Season One

Also see Schlockcast: Lost in Space If not for his demons, CineSchlocker idol Jan-Michael Vincent‘s star might’ve continued to shine as brightly as when he made The Winds of War and soon thereafter Airwolf (1984). The testosterone-packed franchise debuted following Super Bowl XVIII and downed rotor-rival "Blue Thunder" after just 11 episodes (despite the best […]

Across 110th Street

I-Talian mafia goons bloody the streets of Harlem in pursuit of three machine-gun toting hoods who rat-a-tat-tat a gaggle of good fellas and scat with a sizable score. Sorting through the perforated bodies is Anthony Quinn a dino-cop nearing extinction and Yaphet Kotto the college-educated, by-the-book thorn in the elder lawman’s hiney. Their police work […]

American Nightmare

There’s no better B-actress on the scene than Debbie Rochon. She also wears her scarlet "B" with a great deal of pride. In fact, she’s a devoted fan of fringe cinema and a gifted writer who once had a regular genre column and co-authored the "B-Movie Survival Guide." Debbie left Vancouver before her 18th birthday […]

American Pie 2

Shannon Elizabeth, being a fellow Texan, should be well familiar with the down-home adage of "dancing with who brung ya."Now, if she’d also strip nekkid and take a long gander in that imported mirror-mirror on the ceiling, she’d be reminded of who, er, what brung her to the party otherwise known as fame. True, she’s […]

American Chopper: Mikey’s Bike

Poker on the Travel Channel? Decorating on The Learning Channel? Makeovers on Bravo? The hottest network identity crisis of ’em all is over at The Discovery Channel where the testosterone-torqued Teutul tribe can’t churn out installments of their bikin’ and brawlin’ reality series fast enough. Bark-all-day teddy bear and eye-deer man Paul Sr. rides herd […]

American Mullet

Documentarian Jennifer Arnold presents an oddly compassionate exploration of the nation’s most hysterically maligned hairdo through a strange series of interviews with follic offenders. Listen as a Billy Ray Cyrus lookalike explains how "the look" both kick-started his musical career AND earned him a free trip to Dollywood. Or there’s the rockin "hair band" holdout […]