American Chopper: Mikey’s Bike

American Chopper: Mikey's BikePoker on the Travel Channel? Decorating on The Learning Channel? Makeovers on Bravo?

The hottest network identity crisis of ’em all is over at The Discovery Channel where the testosterone-torqued Teutul tribe can’t churn out installments of their bikin’ and brawlin’ reality series fast enough.

Bark-all-day teddy bear and eye-deer man Paul Sr. rides herd over Paul Jr. the less-than-tidy, procrastination-prone ar-teest whose "totally sick" theme cycles have made Orange County Choppers the biggest two-wheelin’ phenom since Easy Rider.

Then there’s Mikey. He, um, well … he takes out the trash.

Before the nuevo-slacker goofball became the show’s funnybone, he also answered the shop phone, but dial-happy fans have made even that menial task impractical. Finally, in two of their most popular episodes, Mikey answers Senior’s siren ROAR to "GO BUILD BIKES!!!" and — with lots and lots of help, bubble-wrap bursting and a skeet-shooting side trip — the Blues Bike is born.

Which, like this entire series, is "the cat’s ass!"