Chiller 2003: Costumes

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The Saturday night costume contest is the zenith of any Chiller weekend, especially the Halloween expo. Here diminutive incarnations of Leatherface, Jason and Freddy await their public.


Tragically, moments later, these three inadvertently crossed streams and irradiated a fellow fan garbed in a tragically unhip SpongeBob SquarePants getup.




Scarecrow? Grim Reaper? Regardless, he’s mighty tall!


She may look like a fairy princess, but rumor has it, there’s a REASON he’s sporting extra athletic support.


Ghouls night out?


Poor hen-pecked Tippi!!!


Whatever you say, buddy.


In this case, fur really IS murder!


"Hey! Hey!" Krusty had a rather curvaceous "sock monkey" on his freakishly enormous arm.


KISS army in the house.


Remember kids, not all draft beers are created equal.


Geppetto had nothing to do with the creation of this little nightmare.


Is she they mean when they say "whore-y" netherworld?


Poor Dorothy? You should see what the Tin Man did to little Toto just steps away.


Takes all kinds of critters to make Farmer Vincent’s fritters!


It’s best to stand clear when Bubba Sawyer does his chainsaw two-step.


Yo! Who ordered the 400-pound ogre?


See what Clive Barker‘s unfettered imagination hath wrought?


If Hunter S. Thompson is a doctor of journalism, that’d make yours truly a junior assistant janitor. Kudos to this fella’s commitment to the character, as he SHAVED HIS HEAD to mimic male-pattern baldness just like Mr. Depp in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.


Arrrr! Avast ye Pirates of the Caribbean.


Who even knew they made multi-speed flashlights?