DeathbedA young couple discovers an antique bed locked away in their attic that mysteriously transforms the normally icy bride into a thrusting, moaning, kinkified sex kitten.

CineSchlockers know such diddling always comes at a deadly price, so Tanya Dempsey‘s ghostly visions of long murdered lovers are of little surprise. They’re the nightmare sort where her beau will suddenly morph into an icky corpse, or when she’s doodling an illustration for a children’s book and all the characters turn into murderous Garbage Pail Kids. More amusing than scary.

And as convincing as Ms. Dempsey’s undulations may be, the most talent she shares is when CineSchlocker fave Joe EstevezMartin Sheen‘s bubba — peeps down her untethered top when she first starts getting horn’d up by the unholy ghost.