American Psycho 2: All American Girl

What does this have to do with the original? Beyond a crude and suspiciously tacked-on prologue … Zilch! That ’70s Chick Mila Kunis blathers endlessly about really, really wanting to be Captain Kirk’s teaching assistant as she’s backed by monkeys churning a nearly neverending circus calliope. I say "nearly," because the simian soundtrack IS interrupted […]


North American horror hounds are naturally drawn to foreign cinema. Mostly because Hollywood is fairly skittish in its dealings in the genre, especially when it comes to the red stuff. While overseas, they don’t feel the need to rationalize with terms like "psychological thriller" — they simply make straight-up HORROR movies. Many are far more […]

Art of War

Neil Shaw (Wesley Snipes) is James Bond without the libido. He has the techno-gadgets of Mission: Impossible, yet he’s HARDLY a master of disguise. But Shaw’s still the man for the United Nations when it comes time for some good ol’ covert shenanigans. Like where he clamors around a skyscraper to crash a New Year’s […]

Area 51: America’s Most Secret Base

For America’s "most secret base," we sure do hear an awful lot about Area 51 and its other nicknames such as Dreamland, Groom Lake and The Ranch. According to this mighty lean documentary, it turns out the RUSSIANS have the best aerial photo of the non-existent base. While stateside UFO enthusiasts and the just plain […]


With even cartoonish CGI somehow deemed preferable to traditional practical FX, it’s goldang refreshing to see someone such as Brett Piper willing to put in countless hours crafting stop-motion creature effects a la Harryhausen. We all know the story by heart: meteorites rustle giant, man-munching spiders from their subterranean haunts to feast on unsuspecting bovines […]


Our survey of post-Atomic age tales of king-sized critters run amok scurries onward with a disappointing effort by The Hidden auteur Jack Sholder and Re-Animator producer Brian Yuzna. Unlike the recent Spiders, which cleverly paid tribute to the genre, while simultaneously advancing it, Arachnid (2001, 95 minutes) merely wallows in cliche with little tangible imagination. […]

Anna Kournikova: Basic Elements

Sure a lot of hefty gals who drank Tab with their bacon double-cheeseburgers helped push Jane Fonda‘s Complete Workout to the top of the charts in the late ’80s, but they weren’t solely responsible. Never underestimate the market influence of horndog CineSchlockers, as it’s their "alternative viewing habits" that continues to propel fitness sleaze such […]

Angels’ Wild Women

Also see The Films of Al AdamsonAlso see Secrets of B-Moviemaking This promises to be a rough and tumble look at biker babes, but Adamson really never delivers the goods. But that may have never been his intention, as he’s got the soulful leader of a motorcycle gang (Ross Hagen) fist fighting with his brother over a […]