Fringe cinema weirdness!


American Chopper: Mikey’s Bike

Poker on the Travel Channel? Decorating on The Learning Channel? Makeovers on Bravo? The hottest network identity crisis of ’em all is over at The Discovery Channel where the testosterone-torqued Teutul tribe can’t churn out installments of their bikin’ and…..

American Mullet

Documentarian Jennifer Arnold presents an oddly compassionate exploration of the nation’s most hysterically maligned hairdo through a strange series of interviews with follic offenders. Listen as a Billy Ray Cyrus lookalike explains how "the look" both kick-started his musical career…..

American Pie 2

Shannon Elizabeth, being a fellow Texan, should be well familiar with the down-home adage of "dancing with who brung ya."Now, if she’d also strip nekkid and take a long gander in that imported mirror-mirror on the ceiling, she’d be reminded…..

American Nightmare

There’s no better B-actress on the scene than Debbie Rochon. She also wears her scarlet "B" with a great deal of pride. In fact, she’s a devoted fan of fringe cinema and a gifted writer who once had a regular…..

American Psycho

Oooooo! Ooooo! Is this the UNRATED version!?! Ooooo! Gimme! Gimme that sweet UNCUT version! Woooooo! No. It isn’t. Now sit down and listen. LISTEN! The previous Unrated and R-rated discs from Universal are out of print and Lion’s Gate has…..

American Psycho 2: All American Girl

What does this have to do with the original? Beyond a crude and suspiciously tacked-on prologue … Zilch! That ’70s Chick Mila Kunis blathers endlessly about really, really wanting to be Captain Kirk’s teaching assistant as she’s backed by monkeys…..

The Amityville Horror

The horror genre has readily embraced sequels since the hey-day of Universal’s monsters, but now it appears, ghoul moguls are resorting to cryogenics to keep the money train chugging. Word is malcontent Jason Voorhees gets deep-frozen and somehow blasted into…..

Among Us

"B" is for Bigfoot when prolific B-auteur Billy D’Amato (Bob Dennis) squeezes out guy-in-an-ape-suit after guy-in-an-ape-suit flick until his own hairy experience forces an uneasy reconciliation with the witness (Hunter Mackenzie Austin) whose story he’d mangled into his first Sasquatch…..

Angels’ Wild Women

Also see The Films of Al AdamsonAlso see Secrets of B-Moviemaking This promises to be a rough and tumble look at biker babes, but Adamson really never delivers the goods. But that may have never been his intention, as he’s got the…..

Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid

Believe it or not, Anaconda was a pretty goldang important movie! Not because it starred J-Lo or featured Jon Voight inexplicably aping Al Pacino‘s "Say jell-o to my rittle fren!" accent from Scarface. Rather it was essentially the Scream of…..