Cheaters: Best of Season One

Tragically, "Cheaters" may be the best kept secret in exploitation television. Each week, the syndicated "real reality" program plants viewers into the lives of couples grappling with the slippery slope that IS fidelity in these romantically perilous times. Your average marrieds. Lesbian lovers and their male brothers. Confused beaus who’d ask their sweeties to marry […]

Colin’s Sleazy Friends Rocks

From the ashes of two royal kitchen disasters, tittering LA cable host Colin Malone returns to his true calling, which is cramming porn and garden-variety stars together for often comedic results. This second collection of "Sleazy" highlights is probably best viewed by diehard rockers as it features members of Poison, Van Halen, Foo Fighters, Linkin […]

Carnosaur 3: Primal Species

Also see Tale of the Teeth Terrorists raid a government convoy in search of fancy boom-boom sticks, so naturally, they’re not expecting Barney and Friends. By now, the original vision has truly devolved to its basic parts: Raptors and Human Combo Meals. Here yet ANOTHER squad of military know-it-alls scour waterfront warehouses in search of […]

Cocaine Fiends

In this cautionary tale, a gal from the road-side chicken shack gets slipped some "headache powder" that makes her want to run off to the big city with a complete stranger. More sinister than Reefer Madness, this flick actually shows WHY these hoods want to hook folks on coke. In Jane’s case she’s forced to […]


Also see Tale O’ Premenstrual Mayhem Carrie White (Sissy Spacek) is the terminally uncool and naive daughter of a man-hating religious zealot (Piper Laurie) who feels she’s failed as a mother when her teen-age daughter is first visited by Eve’s curse of blood. No, Carrie won’t be riding horseback, or frolicking on the beach, while […]

Creature Unknown

Another horror-fied Big Chill update? Gimme Infested where that Power Ranger chippy karates killer insects over this rubber-suit yawner. Wait, that’s not exactly fair. Like many a practitioner of the thespianic arts, this cranky critter’s just a victim of crummy storytelling: Half dozen yappy twentysomethings hold a fireside blame game (a.k.a. high school reunion) only […]

Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV

Didn’t see Parts 2 & 3? Not to worry. They sucked! So declares a stirring Stan Lee voiceover heralding our hero of super-human size and strength that culminates with the apologetic declaration: "THIS is the REAL sequel!!!" When unsavory members of the Diaper Maffia storm Tromaville’s school for the "very special" and begin machine-gunning slow-witted, […]