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Schlockcast: Seduction of Misty Mundae

download mp3 (32 min, 18 mb) Misty Mundae is the most popular B-siren of today’s sinema scene. But what if she’s, like, so over it? What if the sapphic flower child’s zipped up her hip huggers for good? Tongue rassled…..

Schlockcast: The Devil’s Rejects

download mp3 (30 min, 18 mb) FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEBIRD!!! Rob Zombie’s murderous motley crew certainly do fly in his impressive sophomore effort that feels less like a House of 1000 Corpses sequel and more like Peckinpah’s The Wild Bunch as interpreted by…..

Schlockcast: High Tension

download mp3 (18 mins, 11 mb) Exploiteers have long traded in cheeky warnings or breathless disclaimers pleading with audiences to beware before laying peepers on the flickering horrors ahead. Insta-auteurs Alex Aja and Greg Levasseur could’ve done the same for…..

Best of Schlock 2000

All right, listen up. We all know how swell Fight Club and Seven are, but WHAT ELSE is worth crowing about? More importantly, what was worth MY putting pen to paper over in 2000? Of all the DVDs I reviewed…..

Best of Schlock 2001

Baby New Year is squawkin’ and Dick Clark has returned to his stasis chamber, so it must be that magic hour when yours truly looks fondly back on the standout genre titles of the year. Before that, though, I’m pleased…..

Best of Schlock 2002

Jack Frost the Killer Mutant Snowman is nipping at Shannon Elizabeth‘s nethers, so it must be that treasured time again when yours truly reveals the year’s finest genre titles. But first, I’m pleased to announce that MGM’s Return of the…..

Best of Schlock 2003

Now that Santa’s split town, the readers of CineSchlock-O-Rama have tallied a list of naughty and nice of their own. Congrats to director Danny Boyle and Fox Home Video for 28 Days Later having devoured all other noms to be…..

Best of Schlock 2005

This could be known as The Year of the Reissue or The Year Hollywood Made Good. Three flicks on my Top 10 were previously available on lesser DVDs — two even ranked on past Best of Schlock lists. The pull…..

Best of Schlock 2004

Bubba Ho-Tep made an impressive run toward eeking out an upset, but the readers of CineSchlock-O-Rama have spoken, and Anchor Bay’s mammoth Dawn of the Dead: Ultimate Edition has earned the richly deserved CineSchlockers’ Choice award for THE top DVD…..

Texas Chainsaw Road Trip

CineSchlocker idol Tim Harden twisted his ankle and landed crossways on a cactus the first time he went hunting for Leatherface’s crib. Fortunately, his second trip was less accident-prone. Early one Sunday morning, a friend’s hand-drawn map led the then…..