Best of Schlock 2001

Baby New Year is squawkin’ and Dick Clark has returned to his stasis chamber, so it must be that magic hour when yours truly looks fondly back on the standout genre titles of the year. Before that, though, I’m pleased to recognize TVA International’s Ginger Snaps special edition as the inaugural recipient of the CineSchlockers’ […]

Schlockcast: Land of the Dead

download mp3 (10 mins, 7.6 mb) Resident Evil. 28 Days Later. A certain remake. We zombiphiles tolerated ’em. OK, even embraced them. But for all their glitter and grue they lacked The Master’s touch. That Romero twinkle. No more! Finally, finally — FINALLY! — 20 years after Day of the Dead, George makes his triumphant […]

Best of Schlock 2003

Now that Santa’s split town, the readers of CineSchlock-O-Rama have tallied a list of naughty and nice of their own. Congrats to director Danny Boyle and Fox Home Video for 28 Days Later having devoured all other noms to be voted CineSchlockers’ Choice for THE top DVD of 2003!!! Sure shootin’ it’s high among MY […]

Schlockcast: Kiddo Killin’

download mp3 (10 min, 6 mb) Guess y’all really shouldn’t have been so encouraging, because I’ve already thrown open the mic for another pod — ahem! — schlockcast. After feeling nonplused over the Younglings buying it in Revenge of the Sith, George Lucas got me mulling the provocative power of "kiddo killing" and how this […]

Best of Schlock 2002

Jack Frost the Killer Mutant Snowman is nipping at Shannon Elizabeth‘s nethers, so it must be that treasured time again when yours truly reveals the year’s finest genre titles. But first, I’m pleased to announce that MGM’s Return of the Living Dead special edition was overwhelmingly voted CineSchlockers’ Choice for THE top DVD of 2002! […]

Schlockcast: Seed of Chucky

download mp3 (23 min, 16 mb) An uneasy aspect of podcast technology is that y’all can hear me gush about Jennifer Tilly’s terrific turn in Seed of Chucky (3.5 stars) instead of my merely chicken-pecking effusive prose. Try not to think less of me as that much heaving cleavage over an 86-minute running time — […]

Best of Schlock 2004

Bubba Ho-Tep made an impressive run toward eeking out an upset, but the readers of CineSchlock-O-Rama have spoken, and Anchor Bay’s mammoth Dawn of the Dead: Ultimate Edition has earned the richly deserved CineSchlockers’ Choice award for THE top DVD of 2004!!! What a year it’s been for fringe cinema fans: Hardcore horror’s made a […]

Schlockcast: Lost in Space

download mp3 (21 mins, 12.2 mb) The Space Family Robinson may never have made it back to Earth, but nearly 40 years later, all three seasons of the camp classic Lost in Space (5 stars) have safely emerged in the digital domain. This schlockcast marks the momentous occasion with a special salute to "The Great Vegetable […]

Schlockcast: The Fly & The Fly II

download mp3 (27 mins, 16 mb) CineSchlockers fussed. Even fumed. Now, there’s real reason to buzz. After five long years, Fox finally revisits their double-feature release of The Fly with a double-disc reissue that delves deep into the plasma pool of bonus features. In this schlockcast, yours truly nearly snaps an arm rifling through oodles […]

Schlockcast: Skinned Deep

download mp3 (22 mins, 13 mb) In Skinned Deep (4.5 stars), first-time director Gabe Bartalos crafts a surrealist slasher that’s both unique and deceptively familiar. In this schlockcast, yours truly futilely fumbles to adequately describe Gabe’s bizarro tale — one populated by a plate-flinging midget, a lovelorn mutant, a geriatric biker gang and a bunch […]