Comic-Con 2004: Vendors

Celebrities / Vendors / Costumes / Return to Story ON YOUR MARKS!!! … GET SET!!! …   … GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Easily the convention’s strangest sight. Believe it or not, this beauty behind glass is in promotion of Species III. Hence the serpentine appendage?   Ah, now SHE looks more familiar. (Notice the black tape over […]

Roswell: Bonus

Day One / Day Two / Day Three / Bonus / Return to Story Affordable accommodations know no interplanetary boundaries.   Even the Coke machine at the UFO Museum has an alien twist.   Vendors at the Alien Market peddled unusual beverages and snacks.   Heeerrrre she is … Miss New Mexico Hispanic Teen.   […]

Chiller 2003: Vendors

Celebrities / Costumes / Vendors / Return to Story Fans descend on more than 15,000 square feet of vendors of all stripes. Crowds were so large that lines formed to enter each of the two enormous ballrooms.   New York City’s Village Comics boasts a wide array of ready-to-paint model kits.   Village Comics says: […]

Blood Feast 2

Return to Story Fuad Ramses III (J.P. Delahoussaye) celebrates the success of a particularly gruesome scene with FX men Joe Castro (right) and Jonathan Thornton (left).   The godfathers of gore Herschell Gordon Lewis (left) and David F. Friedman (right) with Delahoussaye.   Fuad’s abandoned catering shop is inherited by his grandson.   Thornton prepared […]

Chiller 2003: Celebrities

Celebrities / Costumes / Vendors / Return to Story The Chiller Theatre Toy, Model and Film Expo celebrates its 13th year pushing up cinematic daisies.   Yours truly with an auteur of many, many different names, including Fred Olen Ray! His Retromedia screamed to life in 2001 with an extras-packed Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers. Earlier this […]

Texas Chainsaw Road Trip

Return to Story Tim Harden’s website (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: A Look at the Film Locations) has inspired fans to make pilgrimages from all over the world. Yours truly’s began at Bagdad Cemetery on the morning of Saturday, Sept. 20, 2003. That’s McFarlane’s 18-inch Leatherface figure mugging for the camera.   That monolith over the […]

Citizen Toxie Does Dallas

Return to Story Director Lloyd Kaufman and co-star Sgt. Kabukiman NYPD join Tromaville’s beloved super-human hero in celebration of Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger Part IV‘s illustrious Dallas premiere.   The historic Inwood Theatre, witness to more than 50 years of memorable achievements in film (and most Troma flicks), proudly hosted the event sponsored by […]